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About us

With an ever-expanding repertoire of covers, First to Eleven ensures there's something for everyone in their vast catalog. Their dedication to perfecting their craft is exemplified by their extensive experience both on stage, where they captivate audiences with their energetic live shows, and in the studio, where they deliver impeccable recordings.

Emerging from Erie, PA, First to Eleven has garnered a devoted local fanbase while also captivating listeners worldwide through their online presence. Their fresh and inventive interpretations of well-known songs have resonated with music enthusiasts who crave a unique and exhilarating experience. 

Live performance

For over 10 years, First to Eleven has been thrilling audiences with their exceptional cover performances at a wide range of events. Their extensive experience and diverse musical repertoire have made them a sought-after act, capable of entertaining audiences in various venues. Whether it's performing for  bars, energizing crowds at festivals, or adding a lively atmosphere to private events, First to Eleven's versatility knows no bounds.​ First to Eleven recently embarked on a highly successful tour, leaving their mark many cities across the country. This achievement not only showcases their growing popularity but also demonstrates their ability to captivate audiences in diverse locations, spreading their infectious energy and musical talent far and wide.

First to Eleven's music video of "I'm Not Okay" is a captivating visual showcases the band's electrifying performances of their recent tour. Seamlessly blending their energetic live shows with the excitement of being on the road, this video provides fans with a front-row seat to the band's dynamic presence and infectious stage presence.

This promo video featuring their cover of Katy Perrys "Last Friday Night" takes viewers on a visual journey through the band's performance, highlighting the energy and passion that define's First to Eleven. With carefully selected footage from their headlining set at Celebrate Erie, every frame immerses the audience in the electric atmosphere that filled the air that night.

Cover volumes

First to Eleven's 14 cover CD volumes feature an extensive repertoire spanning various musical genres and eras. From chart-topping hits to hidden gems, their collection appeals to a wide range of musical preferences, ensuring there is something for everyone to appreciate and enjoy.

First to Eleven also recognizes the importance of visual engagement. To complement their exceptional studio recordings, they have created corresponding videos that can be found on their thriving YouTube channel. These videos offer an immersive visual experience, elevating the enjoyment of their cover songs and allowing their audience to connect with the music on a deeper level.

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